Smart campus

- High-tech IoT(Internet-of-Things) campus life that connects the lecture room, equipment and various facilities over the Internet

- Automatic configuration of a context-sensitive environment by connecting lights and air conditioner together within IoT network in a building or lecture room



- Personalized IoT health management service available using IoT devices anytime and anywhere

- Personalized IoT health management service is available using a range of health-IoT-based healthcare devices and software



- Energy-saving by efficient management of gas, electricity, and water using IoT(Internet of Things)

- Manage at anytime and anywhere with intelligent technology and interactive communication using energy usage information



- Our future city is a safe city through the convergence

- IoT service using big data provides a safer city with unified management of CCTVs and street lights



- A futuristic traffic era that is connected with cars, road and IoT technologies - with the linkage of IoT, vehicle management and awareness of the surrounding conditions can be controlled and monitored to prevent accidents


About Us

Meet the open-source IoT platforms that are available to everyone! With the Internet of Things that can help you connect to anything, the era where internet-connected devices can operate autonomously has begun.