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Expert committee Members
Existing experts for the 1st year
Existing experts for the 2st year
Name Affiliation Specalty
Song Sanghyo SungGyunGwan University - 01.2012 ~ 01.2016 president of Korea Open Source Software Association
- 01.2016 ~ Present Professor of SungGyun open source SW center
- 03.2016~present Committee member of the Training of human resouces for OSS activation forums, Korea-China-Japan
- 10.2016 ~ present Director of Open Source Software Foundation / Manager of Foreign Cooperation Division
Bae Youngsub Technical Expert - Public data specialist of Korea institute of planning and evaluation for technology in food, agriculture and forestry
- Instructors and technical advisor - Multimedia Department at Polytechnic Colleges
Ryu Jaeho Doctor - 07.2008~03.2015 Accuver EO, Vice president of Innowireless
Jung Chanui Dinoplus Director - 2015~ present Committee for IEC SyC AAL Standard - International Standard
- 2013~ present Technical committee for ITS Standard - Domestic Standard
Seo Taeseol Doctor of KISTI - KIST Information Service Office
- Executive of the World Wide Science Federation
Jo MoonJeung Professor of Seoul Women's University - Professor of information protection at Seoul Women's University
- 07.2012~02.2015 Samsung Electronics Video Display Business Division / Service Development Group Leader (Executive)
Anh Myungho CEO of MHR - CEO of MHR, Deeplearning Expert
- DeepNumbers Technical stuff
Jang Hyungsuk Professor of Chungbuk University - Professor of Business Data Convergence at Chungbuk National University
- Professor of MBA in Big Data Management at Kookmin University
- Outside professor of Yonsei University Data Science Course
Bae Woongsik Dream Security Director - Director of Dreamsecurity Strategic Planning Division
Jung Yongil Technical Director - ODI(OpenDataInstitute) Node SEOUL - Technical Director
Jeon Sanggwun Professor of Ajou University - 10. 2013 ~12.2015 Boss of Dongnam ENS 4S section
- Adjunct Professor of Ajou University
General committee Member
Name Affiliation Specalty
Bak Sejong AJ Photonics Corp, Fiber optic sensor system
Lee Taeho Professor of Busan University Design and analysis of smart photoelements and photosensor
Um Taejung Doctor of GwangJu Institute of science and Technology Optical image technology
Gwun Sehoon Professor of Busan University Smart sheet, Convergence Measurement Technology
Gwun Sehoon Doctor of MEMS/NANO Center Convergence technology
Moon Hyungsuk Doctor of Instite of Industrial Technology Smart electronics
Lee Woojin Senior of Korea Photonics Technology Institute Optical storage, Photosensor
Yoo Geunjun General Manager of Korea Gas Safety Corporation Gas sensor, fluid measurements
Jung soonjong Electronic Components Research Institute Micro chip process
Ryu Jinwha Doctor of Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute IoT sensor technology
Lee Wheedon Doctor of Advanced Photonics Research Institute Optical element, Optical image Convergence Network
Kim Youngsoo Doctor of Optopower corp, Optoelectronics
Jang Kyungsoo Senior manager of Seoyoung corp, Optical Sensor and Optical Convergence Technology
Choi Woochang Supervisor of Busan Technopark Smart Center Smart Sensor
Song Youngmin Professor of Busan University Electronic Engineering
Kim Jinhong CEO of Spac corp, Design of measurement equipment and build software
Whang SungWhan Supervisor of Korea Photonics Technology Institute Optical interconnection
Kim Sangyoo Doctor of Korea Photonics Technology Institute Image process software

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